General Cryptologism

Cryptologism is the assumption that cryptology, or more generel the encryption of inoformation plays a critical role for the purpose and design of reality. Cryptologism describes our understanding or reality and our cultural and personality development stages as decrypted subsets of reality. As we lack complete understanding of reality, cryptologism assumes that in order to get towards a theory of everything or a meta theism that enables synergy between belief systems we must look at the data of our reality as the result of encryption processes. We adress reality through research about it and measure our research interpretations through interaction with it. Nowadays conceptual evolution of human thinking is reaching abstraction of intelligence and experience that looks at them as transient concepts which we cannot influence completely nor understand correctly. Through breaking barriers between indentities we develop our understanding of reality as the complex purpose of life itself, the optimization of consciousness – in other words the decryption of reality. To attribute optimization onto biological systems may cause immediate scepticism and repulsion, however what we understand as consciousness optimization is a very humane and health based definition. It is also an alternative way to look at human life than our current cultures provide. To optimize consciousness entails the broad view onto humans as merely one consciousness realizing life form, located on earth. To solve – or understand – reality, we must overcome our isolated view on life and the purpose and meaning of life and look through the perspective of future and farther developed life. We can do that by approximating our cultural evolution which is yet in its infancy. To redefine the specific parts of reality (such as theoretical or astro physics, fluid dynamics, complex system interaction, social problems and subjective suffering) which are yet incompletely solved as encryted information allows a generalization of solution attempts. The decoupling of value concepts towards establishing solutions to systems is intended to present shortcuts within complex problem domains. Humans are no longer looking for purpose, they engage in cooperatively decrypting reality. Frameworks to do so in empirical and creative fashions that serve future generations of life as well as present ones is at the root of cryptologist thinking. The nonlocal orientation of value concepts is a fundamental part of contemporary metatheism that solves the fallacy of exclusive disciplinary. Life is transcending disciplines and in order for humans to improve living conditions for themselves as well as other lifeforms we must interconnect and inform our understanding and our systems about reality.

Opinion / interface to topic

To do so requires a universal language and a clear understanding of individuality: Conceptual unity does not oppose individualism. However there are areas in which we have optimal solutions available and we should not allow the luxury of individualism- such as plastics. Through strictly forbidding the usage of current stupid carbohydrates and providing a transition system that allows smooth transformation of user and producer (and extractor) chains and satisfaction – would be the most efficient solution to this problem. Yet we allow the usage and production of diverse materials that are not sustainabile in any way and inflict harm on our systems.

Opinion: Humans have to take responsibilty in terms of priorization: Can we allow the luxury to drive different cars when we actually have to solve the problem that each car is one car too much in terms of ecological responsible behavior? Our moral self-understanding looks at freedom as the untouchable property every life should have. But do we want to allow the freedom to produce waste, cause suffering and degrade the ecologic and social situation for future generations? By maintaining our current and overly complex systems we do accept all its symptoms, justifying that a radical change would not work, cause harm or that such wholistic attempts are doomed to fail because of the complexity it brings with it. However we never had the amount of smart humans available as today. And if we were not able to handle such complex system development and redesigning, we are closer then ever to do so right now.
Promotion: KeaCryptologism offers a proposal for a framework hub to develop approaching strategies of complex problems and cope with their interactive responsivity. It attempts to be a meta-community that allows synergetic cooperation accross value concepts, abilities and priorities to develop human civilization for the better.


One does not choose who they are, nor is reality giving us the option to opt out of agreeing to this variant of reality design. We have dreams how life could and should be. We have ideas how to get there. But our world appers to be too loud and dense to reach out to anyone. All our solutions are lost, if we cant find a solution to this communication problem. We are a species and have to talk to ourselves to help and evolve. We speak to each other through multiple bodies, voices and realities. Kea is one attempt how to get in touch on a more universal, healthier and complex way by redesigning language to research if we can redesign reality.

We can engage in redesigning reality, right now, everywhere. We need enablers, which are ressources of diverse kinds. Unfortunately our current systems only have a monomodal variable to quantify performance: the ressource variable money. We cannot quantify if somebody or something is good for life and nature nor whether something is exciting, important or true. KeaC proposes a trimodal system architecture based on the LMR language. It was developed by KeaOrganics in the context of a life interlink development project. By expanding a system variable to represent more domains of reality and utilizing recursive LMR, we can find solution attempts towards most current critical problems, as most of them are caused by a lack of complexity management. LMR allows complexity management with integrated humanitarian values and a goal seeking and defining structure. Any correct LMR system is self-actualizing, self-correcting and self-optimizing. These properties derive from LMR itself: The state domain (resource) is the access to data or perception of reality (an engine-state) it is the static but self-actualized domain. The interactive L domain refers to self-regulation and in a second layer self-correcting which requires self-emulation. The abstraction, algorithm designing layer M hence refers to optimization which entails optimization of grasping how and what is optimal and how to approximate it.

Architecture of Kea Cryptologism

LMR dynamics

Kea Organics is (also) decoupled/outsourced application of knowledge from cryptologism research.