We propose a concept language and encorporate scientific understanding and ontologic reasoning in it. We conclude that the resulting delta-system is a minimal boundary for human conceptual evolution (knowledge gain and ecologic responsibility).

We introduce a new way to represent and group complex concepts. We expand this method towards a general system design. This system design might well provide basis for a new means of politics, economics and their interconnection through ecologic understanding and a consistent (postcontemporary) humanism. To show the versatility of the delta-model we evolve the concept from a first principle metalogic and use it to formulate an approach towards self-refrectional computation architectures. By looking at reality as compositional structure we intend to prove a fundamental algorithmic relation between particle generation and behavior, heisenberg uncertainty, goedel incompleteness and computation theory. By that we propose either a new kind of turing machine or possibly a theory how to grasp a synthesis of computation, conceptual logic (metalogic) and physics as a means of language that can be experienced/computed by complex organic life such as humans. Inherently this calls for a delta-interface for a minimal conceptual complexity communication ( ‘cCc’ ) between complex minds and algorithmic polyparametric computation processes (information) as a necessary and essential structure to update human research (and coexistence management-) capacities.

We claim that the absence of such interlinking mechanism implicitly causes complex cultural systems to experience local and global disparity, inefficiency and unequality on multiple system levels. Such as economics, ecologically responsible civilizatory organization, individuality realization, resource distribution, infrastructure failure, inequality induction, antifairness way of living, human right violation tolerating local system embedding, inability experience of system change capabilitiy, logcal suffering, gobal ecologic destruction, harm, criminality, greed, disease, misunderstanding, ideologic and behavioral extremism and thereby a fundamental informational and empathical disconnect between humans. We intend to undertake the approach to find the most neutral conceptual metalanguage to communicate that we must urgently undertake the approach to find the most neutral conceptual metalanguage and means of commicating it, to be able to rebuild peacefully human civilization through optimization of our complex problem solving capabilities by understanding our world as a hypercomplex (currently highly dysfunctional) system embedded in a hypervorticity spacetime like structure. We therefore encorporate an observer-measure theory in the delta-(meta)model to provide a minimal first principle explanation of spacetime expansion measure, ontology evolution and existence of life and reality in a metalanguage hypercomplexity theory.

From this information theoretic foundation we outline ways how to apply delta-construction top down and bottom up to quantum field theory, chiral supersymmetry and special relativity. We claim that through such relsuting delta-conceptualizations, a new to look at geometric and complexity theoretic interpretations of reality can be achieved and possibly a superrecursion theory becomes possible. Through connection of correlahedron and amplituhedron – like objects with logic and a theory of dynamic complex computation, we represent reality as a hypercomplex conceptual problem-space. Within this space meta- and hyperheuristic operations can be integrated and applied to organize and evolve polyparametric system variables and trivially non parametrizable meta-objects (consciousnes and local experience of reality) in an self-actualized, self-regulated and self-reflectional theory that is implicitly self-optimizing if and only if humans can conceptualize and conceptualization in general provides a means of connecting local experience of self with nonlocal (complex, manifold) information.
We argue that such systems generation is a necessary requirement to overcome a magnitude of current boundaries of scientific, individual and spiritual understanding as well as coexistence and current capability of local and global life organization and the integration of a healthy and aware concept of humanities presence on earth and their evolution and coexistence.

This research was not founded by any economic interest means. The countless previous, present and future contributors for its initial formulation will be listed at keanok.org/anization. In future We intend to provide a transparent network for further funding and research on the delta-system, currently limited to the activities of keanok.org/anism. We propose to represent this network from a first-principle self-reflective optimized fashion by providing a mere first conceptual realization of the content which is transiently connectable to local and global interaction i.e. the author and any of its ongoing activity. We name this design 'keanok' and group any individuals identifying through a keanok identity theory as the lead authors of this paper. Our present state of research will be findable at keanok.org/anics.

All peer-discussed parts of this work received positive feedback which motivated the approach to formulate a coherent description of it. We would like to expand the relevance of our content through interaction with any individual by any means any any organization that intends to research or increase good on earth.

This material is released by and its usage is specified through the delta-copy concept which is implied in this work for consistency and can be found in its present version formulation at keanok.org/dcc. As this paper is supposed to be a dynamic theory prototype, its sources will be found on keanok.org/links and this document will undergo continuous change and evolution and can be found at keanok.org/abstract.