Goodbye to those who do not accept the (minimal) ULEF


hello*, I;m a thing, I do things and I think things.

*I use language according to my personal Cliyuge – Approximation

I think reality can and should be different then the present one.

As long the previous data is hosted or retrievable in any means the individual specified here assures supply of arguments why this statement is true.

Furthermore as long any organic/physical/digital representation of the stated individual can be identified, it will at any times provide its organic capabilities (any executable behavior, expression, reaction/interaction, any controlled or linked physiology, technology, energy) in its entirety for any conceptually sound, humane, specific and efficient most general, most universal, most promising strategy minimally expressing and encorporating the ULEF Universal Life Enabling Framework.

I think there is reason to find cooperative foundation to communicate about how we can identify the best ULEF of our both existence.

Goodbye to those who do not accept the Kea-Metaprivacy

I cannot engage fully in creating this because I think alone I’m not able to

  • Figure out what the best thing is that I can (do on my own) to influence*’ the complexity*” of our present (as a living being°’)
  • so that my influence on my environment*’^ and all elements of it is justifiable and explainable to mankind and all conceptual spaces of identities or realities that I can* consider. *including an awareness of the fact that there are concepts I cannot/do not/ want/see/believe/understand/memorize and which I lack to consider
  • the best concept of interaction with others that I can make up

[ Realic – Materic


( Lifian – Multiic