You are alive.

There are billions of living beings around us, billions of concepts to think about and billions of actions to carry out.

Our Minds are facing their very own complexity, density and intensity of reality.

We have our lives with their past and their future, with their very own part of the world, place in the world and their own concept of reality.

Around us are billions of things, we have billions of chances, billions of decisions and billions of limitations.




We are too.

The involved complexity of this task makes it difficult to (always) find a starting sentences that take into account any possibility of preconceptions or prejudice of readers. Also personal limitations render the intention to stay neutral in such coherence that it is visible intuitively. Henceforth I started this domain to close the gap between my ideas and myself. Because my ideas intend to be optimal solutions or at least to be 'self-actualizing, self-regulating and self-optimizing'. While myself is a person not able to maintain coherent ascription of these properties and is hence not to be confused with my research/work and intentions.


The sentence we all speak together is the


We share experiencing reality through some kind of existence and its interaction with other existence.

We share the permanent and total coherence of existing in a time experiencing consciousness.

We share the ability to conceptualize.

(About reality, subjectivity, abstraction)

We share the properties of organic consciousness, embodiment and physiology.

Kea Organics wants to be/develop/propose a language that

  • Allows to communicate complexity in a simple and clear way
  • helps to find out the best thing one can do right now
  • supports learning, thinking and healthy cultural evolution

The world has become too big.

We have to make it smaller.

In between Reality




A Superlanguage Datatype.

We need a datatype, an interface, a being, a program, a concept, an action, a decision, a method, an ansatz, a theory, an experiment to close the gap between our common present.

Hypervorticity shear of computational conceptualization-able local observer spaces

Around us is one optimal choice: Life

Introduction of keanok

Keanok is the placeholder name for Kea Organics. Kea Organics will be represented at around 2024. Until then this domain serves as cartographer and development sharing for xeo. We support xeo on their (1up) run.

Any funding and legal interactions will be routed to soon. This is a preliminary representation of the masterplan realization streaming, synthraw, XERO and some of xeos 'real-world' inventions.


Everything on this domain is released and classified under the ©² (copymid-concept). Its usage and processing is restricted to any 1up license.